Vegan Raspberry Kokosnoot Butter Cups

Oh to endure immature 1 time again as well as select the total Summer off!  Now, I say to endure immature 1 time again since nosotros all know 1 time you�re grown, y'all never select a calendar month off of move or responsibility.

My kids are loving the subsequently bedtimes, fun activities similar baseball game as well as tennis.  They are literally eating similar lilliputian piggies as well as enjoying simply nearly every infinitesimal of it.

And I�m feeling fifty-fifty to a greater extent than tired as well as busy forthwith that Summer started.  Yes, it�s overnice to non larn upwards at 6am as well as movement the kids to as well as from school.  Or pack a lunch. Or fifty-fifty homework.  But I�m finding myself amongst to a greater extent than dishes, to a greater extent than activities as well as less fourth dimension to produce it all.  Even getting hither to convey y'all a novel recipe similar some amazing vegan raspberry kokosnoot butter cups has been almost a calendar week inwards process.

The kids remain upwards longer which agency past times the fourth dimension I cleanup as well as select handgrip of a break, it�s fourth dimension for bed.  And I desire to larn to bed. I�m exhausted.  Oh, how I honey to climb inwards as well as drift to sleep.


I actually immature adult woman having some fourth dimension to myself.  Know what I mean?  And I�m actually non complaining, it�s simply having to accommodate to the novel schedule as well as figure out fourth dimension to proceed upwards amongst friends, theater unit of measurement as well as everything else.

That�s why I�m keeping this short.


  • 1 handbag allergy friendly night chocolate chips
  • � loving cup kokosnoot butter (in liquid state)
  • � loving cup raspberry jelly
  • paper muffin or silicone baking cups


  1. Melt one-half of chocolate inwards the microwave or over a double boiler. Stir inwards remaining chips until total smooth.
  2. Pour simply about 1 heaping tablespoon of chocolate inwards a baking cup. Use the spoon to thinly coat � of the way upwards the sides. Repeat amongst remaining cups.
  3. Place cups inwards the freezer or fridge to assistance ready the chocolate, nearly 5-10 minutes.
  4. Remove from fridge as well as fill upwards slightly less than one-half way amongst kokosnoot butter. Place dorsum inwards freezer to trouble solid up.(Leave plenty room for jelly as well as overstep chocolate layer or else the chocolate cannot seal the top)
  5. Fill almost to the overstep amongst raspberry jelly, allowing room for the overstep layer of chocolate.
  6. Place inwards refreezes to set.
  7. Pour a sparse layer of chocolate on overstep to seal. You may involve to melt additional chocolate depending upon the size of cups used.
  8. Enjoy lead from the newspaper cups or gently take away from the newspaper or silicone cup.

Thanks done portion recipes to : petiteallergytreats.com/vegan-raspberry-coconut-butter-cups/

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