Black Wood Cake

Yield: Serves 12


2- 8" circular chocolate sponge cakes (1 recipe)


iv cups (625g | 22oz) frozen black sweetness cherries (make sure as shooting they're pitted!)
1 loving cup (200g | 7.1oz) granulated sugar
two tbsp butter
1/4 loving cup (60ml) Kirsch or maraschino liqueur
1/4 loving cup tapioca starch (do NOT sub corn starch)
two tbsp water
1 tbsp lemon juice


1 loving cup (200g | 7.1oz) granulated sugar
3/4 loving cup (180ml) Kirsch or maraschino liqueur
1/2 loving cup (120ml) water


iv cups (960ml) heavy cream
1/2 loving cup (60g | 2.1oz) powdered sugar


200g (7oz) black chocolate shavings (from large chocolate block)
12 maraschino cherries amongst stems, patted dry


Start yesteryear making the chocolate sponge cakes as well as permit them cool completely.


While the cakes are cooling, combine the frozen cherries, saccharide as well as Kirsch inward a pocket-sized saucepan as well as convey to boil over medium heat. Simmer for close v minutes, hence dilute the tapioca starch amongst the H2O as well as lemon juice. Pour that into the simmering cherries, mixing continuously amongst a large spoon until fully incorporated. Bring the cherry filling to a boil as well as proceed boiling it for i amount minute, stirring constantly, to allow the starch to achieve its amount thickening power. Stir inward butter as well as transfer to a bowl. Let the mixture cool completely earlier y'all purpose it; transfer to the fridge if y'all conduct hold to.


Combine the sugar, Kirsch (or maraschino liqueur) as well as H2O inward a pocket-sized saucepan; convey to a boil over medium oestrus as well as maintain boiling for i amount minute, or until the saccharide is completely dissolved as well as the syrup has a slightly glutinous consistency. Don't permit your syrup larn overly thick, else your cake won't live on able to absorb it well. Remove from oestrus as well as reserve.


Combine the heavy cream as well as powdered saccharide inward the bowl of your stand upward mixer as well as whip until firm. Store inward the fridge until gear upward to use.


Slightly soften your large block of chocolate inward the microwave, no longer than 10 to fifteen seconds at a time, until it's soft plenty to shape overnice shavings when y'all scrape its surface amongst a sturdy circular cookie cutter.
To brand those shavings, concord the cookie cutter at a slight angle as well as clit it towards you, scratching the surface of the chocolate bar equally y'all go, equally if y'all were trying to cutis it off.
Alternately, if y'all didn't conduct hold a large block of chocolate, y'all could larn like results amongst a vegetable peeler. Use it to "peel" the sides of a thick chocolate bar. Make close 200g (7oz) worth of chocolate shavings as well as hence house them inward the fridge until gear upward to use. (see post service for to a greater extent than tips)
If y'all haven't sliced your sponge cakes inward one-half yet, practise it now.
Grab i cake layer as well as house it cutting side upward on a cake board or plate. Brush 1/4 of the Kirsch syrup all over the surface of the cake, paying exceptional attending to the edges. Spoon close i 3rd of the chilled cherry filling over that cake as well as spread it non quite all the agency to the edge. You desire to larn out close one-half an inch all around. Top amongst a sparse layer of the whipped cream.
Repeat this same procedure amongst two to a greater extent than layers as well as top amongst the fourth as well as in conclusion layer. (Try as well as salve your best as well as flattest layer for the top). Brush that top layer amongst the in conclusion of the Kirsch syrup as well as hence encompass the entire cake amongst whipped cream, making sure as shooting that y'all create amount the cracks betwixt the layers equally y'all go. The purpose of a cake turntable makes this business much easier!
Cover the side of the cake amongst chocolate shavings as well as mound some on top too, leaving close two inches roughly the border to allow for pipage the rosettes.
Equip a pastry pocketbook amongst a large French star tip (Ateco 868) as well as create amount it amongst the balance of the whipped cream. Pipe 12 large rosettes roughly the cake as well as hence top each rosette amongst a maraschino cherry.
You could serve your cake immediately, simply it would greatly practise goodness from a piddling rest, inward companionship for all those delicious flavors to meld. Ideally, shipping it to the fridge for at to the lowest degree iv hours, or upward to overnight. Do, however, conduct hold it out of the fridge at to the lowest degree two hours prior to serving.
This cake volition maintain for close v days inward the refrigerator.

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