Best Chocolate Glaze Ever

This is my favorite chocolate glaze. With exclusively v slow ingredients needed, I bet it�s going to travel your favorite too!

I made this recipe for the starting fourth dimension time when I was making a copycat of my favorite NYC Black as well as White Cookies. Obvs, this glaze is for the �black� half. I similar the vanilla side too, but I notice myself using the chocolate version to a greater extent than oftentimes to transcend a diversity of unlike treats.

It is PERFECTION on donuts. Especially coated inwards sprinkles. I�ll travel posting this vanilla donut recipe soon. But inwards the hateful fourth dimension yous should actually endeavour this glaze on these chocolate cake donuts. It�s killer.

Besides the super chocolate-y taste, this glaze has a few other cracking things going for it:

1. It�s SUPER slow to make. Just toss everything inwards the bowl as well as whisk until smooth. Easy, slow peasy.
2. It has a actually cracking consistency. It�s sparse plenty to travel dainty as well as spread-able (even pour-able), but it�s thick plenty that it doesn�t only run all over the place. It pretty much stays where yous set it.
3. It sets upwards actually nicely if yous exit it uncovered or if yous refrigerate it. Which is only nice, because = less mess when eating = ??.

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

1 tablespoon low-cal corn syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 - three tablespoons water

1/4 c + ii Tbsp. loving cup cocoa powder


Simply whisk all element together inwards a stand upwards mixer, using the H2O to conform for desired consistency.

Use a spatula to spread on cookies, cakes, donuts, ect.

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